Favorite Foods

Mykl Roventine


Write a story about someone who really likes peanuts.



Don’t limit yourself unnecessarily! Respond to the photo, the words, something either the words or the photo made you think of, or something else entirely. Write whatever is on your mind.

We want to read what you write! Post an excerpt (or the whole thing!) in the comments, leave a link to your blog or your account on another writing service, or send us an email at please-reply [at] thriftstories.net.


  1. Johnson loved peanuts. Loved them, without reservation. Peanuts. Peanuts and dark beer. His colon, unfortunately, did not share his enthusiasm.

  2. Let me tell you a story about a girl named Larry. She lived in a tree with a cacophony of birds. Their sweet songs filled the air, but she was lonely.

    One day, one of her birds came home with a strange dual-lobed nut in her beak. When Larry cracked it open, she found two tasty nuts inside!

    She asked the bird where it came from, but the bird was unusually quiet.

    The next morning, when the birds went gathering, Larry followed. She could still taste the nuts melting on her tongue.

    The birds flew down into a valley full of people and music and flashing lights. Larry was overwhelmed at the sight of it. She gathered her courage and descended into the crowd of animals.

    Shells crunched beneath her feet. She was getting close. The new smells and sounds assaulted her from all sides.

    She barely knew where to look. ‘She was just about to give up when he’ appeared before her, glowing like an angel in the unearthly light.

    “Peanuts, peanuts!” he called, holding aloft a red and white striped bag. Light seemed to pour out of the top.

    His eyes met hers. She held back, nervously. He held the bag out to her, his fingers brushing hers as she accepted.

    And thus, a beautiful love affair began.

    No, not him. Larry fell in love with the peanuts, silly.

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