Something Awkward This Way Comes

 Maxwell GS


“Oh God, please don’t make this awkward.”

Don’t limit yourself unnecessarily! Respond to the photo, the words, something either the words or the photo made you think of, or something else entirely. Write whatever is on your mind.

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  1. Her black platform stilettos echoed softly on the hard wood floor. His reddened eyes were already fixed on her form: the way her tight black skirt flirted with the middle of her thigh, the stockings leaving the curve of her leg as a dark grey outline. Her black blouse buttoned up to just above her nipple, leaving ample, pristine white cleavage adorned with a simple black heart necklace. Her eyes were aimed at him, beautiful and brown, narrow and dry, but her chin was tilted down towards her chest. Her hands were behind her back.
    He thought he was going crazy for a moment, as he could almost see her with red horns and a pointy tail, tucking a pitchfork neatly behind her.
    He watched her greet them all in turn, his Aunts, then his Uncles. The line of relatives seemed to stretch out forever, decorated by all the many flowers in the background. Her demeanor changed only slightly when she greeted his brother beside him. He could only nod bravely at the people before her in line, who whispered about “How strong that poor boy is,” as they filed out of the funeral home. They were kind, well-intentioned whispers. But the look in her eyes was a warning, an announcement of superiority. She was a wolf among sheep.
    She was walking poetry when she met his brother. “I am so sorry about your mom and dad. I can hardly believe it, the same day and all. And I’m really sorry for what I have to do now. For what it’s worth, I feel really bad for you and your brother. Oh God, please don’t make this awkward,” she concluded, the sprung her attention to me.
    The moment I waited for all day had come, but it was corrupt and wrong. She wrapped her arms around me. I hugged her back, wishing I could keep her in my arms, fix the moment, make it the way it was supposed to be so that I would have someone to lean on, to love me and care for me. I couldn’t have told you if I was shaking or crying. She was beautiful, set loose onto her prey.
    “I am so sorry about your parents, Brian. I don’t think this is going to work out between us. Goodbye,” and with a spin so vigorous the ends of her hair smacked me in the face, smelling so sweetly of jasmine, she left. I was transfixed at the sight of her walking away as the world crumbled down around me.

    Word Count: 425ish

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